Renting is an experience...

Our Urban Village's have been designed to create a rental community which offers our guests a range of 'Life-Style Facilities' to convenience them.

They can access this via our UVee App, a place where residents can interact and share tips like where to eat out or arrange ski trips.

View your rental statements and additional services purchases all in this one place.
Need something fixing? Use the app to take a picture and report immediately. This will log the call on our maintenance system where you can monitor the progress start to finish
We appreciate that from time to time you will need to talk to us for advice or queries, so we assign you with your own Tenancy Manager who you can arrange to talk to via our app

This also controls access to their rental account and a range of cool services enabling them to:


Never again should you worry about trying to rent an apartment close to a local Gym. Every Urban Village has it’s own Gym equipped with the latest apparatus, and at a reasonable rolling monthly subscription


Got some friends coming round and want to watch a movie? Use the Urban Village app to book the cinema room for you and up to 10 friends and enjoy watching your favourite DVDs or Blu-ray on our high quality screens

laundry and ironing service

We all know that life gets busy, and sometimes there isn’t time to do the boring stuff. That’s why we provide an ironing and laundry service in all of our Urban Villages, just a few taps on the Urban Village app and it’s all taken care of

cleaning service

Whether you need a cleaner on a weekly, monthly or just as and when, we have a team of cleaners which can be booked through the Urban Village App

storage pods

Holding on to too much clutter and don’t want to throw it out? That’s ok, book a storage Pod via the Urban Village app and you’ll have some over flow space to use

holiday cover

So, you’re going away and can’t find anyone to water the Bonsai plant. That’s fine we can do that for you. Just book us in on the Urban Village app

visitor parking

If you are expecting some visitors arriving by car, then you can use the Urban Village app to book them one of the visitors parking spaces

delivery pods

Internet shopping is great, but organising deliveries isn’t. That’s why we install delivery pods in all of our Urban Villages. You can book a delivery pod via the Urban Village app, have your groceries or gifts securely delivered ready to collect when you get back

car and bike hire

Although our Urban Villages are located next to good transport links, we realise that you may want to hire cars or bicycles from time to time, so we put it as a feature on our app